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Endothelial Cells


Endothelial Cells

Stem Cell Research

Blood vessels are lined by Endothelial Cells. Endothelial Cells form a layer called the Endothelium. At one time, these Extraordinary Endothelial Cells were only considered to function as lining cells with the sole purpose of prohibiting blood cells from leaking out of the blood vessels. However, Endothelial Cell Research has revealed that Endothelial Cells have an amazing array of functional and adaptive qualities. Additionally, Endothelial Cells are the key determinants of blood vessel health and blood vessel disease and play a major role in arterial disease.

Endothelial Cells are little filter which control the passage of gases, fluid and other molecules across their cell membranes. Every organ has a different type of Endothelium. Endothelium Cells will differ based on whether or not they are very tightly bound or more loosely bound. Endothelium cells are of interest as of late, because Endothelial Cells act as receptors and interaction sites for a variety of very important molecules to synthesize and interact.