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You have made it to the right site for Yard Sales, Garage Sales, Rummage Sales, Secondhand Sales, Moving Sales, Swap Meets, Flea Markets, Block Sales, Classifieds, and Thrift Shops!!

Advertising Hints for a Yard Sale!

  • Always plan to advertise through more than one advertising medium (such as the Classifieds, On-line Yard Sale Site, eBay, Thrift Shops, Posting Yard Sale Signs, etc.).
  • Post “Garage Sale Tomorrow” signs the day before a garage sale. This always draws extra people who wouldn’t have otherwise dropped by.
  • Make your Yard Sale Signs noticeable! Large, bright lettering is always best.
  • Make lots of signs (include a sign at the Yard Sale location).
  • Make you sign unique.
  • Place the date of the Yard Sale and street name on all signs. It is a good idea to post a rain date on each sign (check the whether forcast).
  • Ensure that your yard sale doesn't fall on a holiday weekend.
  • The best days to hold a Yard Sale are Friday and Saturday.

Hints for putting on a Yard Sale!

  • Decide before pricing whether you want to maximize income or minimize the clutter left over after the sale.
  • Two-day sales with massive price cuts on the second day can help you maximize income and minimize the clutter left over after the sale.
  • Hold the Yard Sale in a location with plenty of room to display merchandise and allow customers to move feely.
  • Put your merchandise out several hours before your advertised sale start time. It is normal for people to show up early to your sale. If you are not ready many times customers won’t return later in the day. (Ensure that someone is there to monitor your merchandise up until and also during the sale.)
  • Clean up all the merchandise before you put it out!
  • Efficiently organize your merchandise and group them with similar items.
  • Use hangers to display dressy clothing
  • Plan to have sufficient change in your cash drawer before the Yard Sale starts. You might consider accepting only cash. (Avoid accepting large bills for small dollar purchases!)
  • Short Yard Sales result in the greatest return for your time. The majority of sells occur during the first four hours of a Garage Sale.
  • Keep your prices simple. (such as $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $5, etc.)
  • Consider Bargaining, Dickering with customers that are willing to take a lot of merchandise at one time. Volume discounts can be the best way to get rid of the majority of your items.
  • Put out free stuff (Stuff that won’t sell for much). Children love it!
  • Be flexible about exact change. Customers lacking exact change and spending in excess of $30 shouldn’t have to come up with the exact change.
  • Having large amounts of merchandise to sell and or organizing a multi-family Yard Sale will increase the number of buyers and possibly help your sales prices.
  • Consider selling beverages in conjunction with you Yard Sale. Another revenue stream never hurts.
  • Start accumulating items for the next Yard Sales. As you find things to sell at your next Yard Sale you should price the item and store it in a bin labeled by category.

Donate Used Items

Another option is simply giving items to a favorite charitable organization. There can even be financial rewards for ridding the house of clutter in this manner. Charities will routinely give a receipt for any donations. The value of the item donated to a favorite charity can often be used to reduce a tax liability.

Hints for shopping Yard Sales!

  • Plan a route through a reasonably affluent area and don't back track too often (items in an affluent area are often in great condition because new items are purchased to replace old items quicker). Planning a route will save you time and fuel expense.
  • Include Block Sales in your planned route. You can get a lot of shopping done with just one stop.
  • Track the Annual Yard Sales.
  • Keep a list of things you want or need that you can live without until you find a good deal. Items such as craft supplies, tools, camping gear, and furniture can usually be found in abundance at Yard Sales.
  • Look for items not on your list that will make really nice gifts (keep a list of people you need to buy gifts for).
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for something you are looking for and can’t see sitting out among the items for sale.
  • Become familiar with Garage Sale Prices. Don’t ever pay more for an item because you are unfamiliar with appropriate Yard Sale Prices. Don’t waist your time if the Yard Sale seems to be overpriced.
  • Develop your bargaining skills. Rummage Sales are a great place to use negotiating skill. Bargaining is often time the best way to get a great deal.
  • Drive a modest vehicle and dress modestly as well. You will have better luck bargaining a great price.
  • Budget a monthly fixed amount for Yard Sales.

If shopping Yard Sales is your thing and you love finding the great deals. You should consider searching out items you can resell and make a profit. There are several different methods you can use to start reselling your great bargain buys. Consider the following very effective resale methods:

  • On-line Yard Sale Sites
  • eBay
  • Traditional Yard Sales
  • Swap Meets
  • Flea Markets
  • Classifieds
  • Thrift Shops