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Structured Settlement

The yearly or monthly installments you receive for your settlement can be sold to a special finance company for a lump sum cash amount now. By discounting your future cash payments by some factor, structured settlement finance companies are willing to pay you the discounted amount in cash right now. Just find such a company on the internet and you can find out how much cash you can get now for your structured settlement.

The following are some of the structured settlement plans that can be converted into lump sum settlements:

  • Insurance settlement
  • Accident and other lawsuit settlements
  • Gambling or lottery winnings
  • Medical settlements
Getting cash now in exchange for a structured settlement is good for people who because of extenuating circumstances need cash now and can't afford to wait for small payments over time. However, if don't need the cash now you may be better off taking the installments. Companies will often discount your payments by a large factor to insure that they get a large return on their investment, which turns out to be a poor return for you. Also, be sure and shop around; companies will vary in the amount they are willing to pay you up front for your structured settlement.